03 Apr

2017 AMOA Call to Convention!

Please join us Thursday, May 18th - Saturday, May 20th for the 73rd AMOA Annual Convention to be held in conjunction with the MOA's Annual Spring Scientific Convention. All events will take place at the Westin Southfield Detroit, located at 1500 Town Center in Southfield, MI 48075.

To view the Call to Convention & to learn about registering for the meeting, please click here.

The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, May 18th

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM: AMOA Membership Booth (Located outside MOA House of Delegates; all members are encouraged to help with the booth)

Friday, May 19th

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM: AMOA Membership Booth (Exhibit Area)

11:30 AM - 1:15 PM: Pre-Convention Luncheon (Tangos, located on the first floor; lunch at your own expense)

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM: Registration & Credentials

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Formal Opening of Annual Meeting (Nicolet Room, located on the second floor)

Saturday, May 20th

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM: AMOA Installation Luncheon (Montcalm Room, located on the second floor)

Immediately following: Past President's Gathering (by invitation only, Montcalm Room)

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM: MOA President's Reception (Algonquin Room)
29 Mar

Tree of Peace 2014 Thank Yous

The Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Association wish to share the list of those honored and those remember by friends and family this year. Shining lights contributions were received in honor of: Mildred Ragazzino by Myral & Jerry Robbins Biaggio Ragazzino by Myral & Jerry Robbins Alice Robbins by Myral & Jerry Robbins Louis Robbins by Myral & Jerry Robbins Keepsake contributions were received in honor of: Frazer & Joan MacKenzie by Joan MacKenzie Bruce & Charlotte Adams by Bruce & Charlotte Adams AMOA by Lisa Langnas Violet Tomaszewski for her 99th Birthday by Nancy & Vince Granowicz Sponsorship contributions were received in honor of: The Magnatta Family by Craig & Jennifer Magnatta Dr. Susan and Norm Sevensma by Sue & Norm Sevensma Jonathan A. Swetech, D.O. becoming an Osteopathic Physician Sponsorship by Stephen M. Swetech, D.O. & Grozda Swetech Shining lights contributions were received in memory of: John H. Morrison Sr., D.O. by Dr. John & Karen Morrison Peter J. Moorton Sr., D.O. by Dr. John & Karen Morrison Victor Bovee, D.O. by Dr. John & Karen Morrison James G. Trombley by Dr. Arno & Jan Schury Don Buggia by Joyce Koehler Clarence R. Bayles, D.O. by Helen Bayles Richard J Bayles, D.O. by Helen Bayles James W. Soye, D.O. by Ardis Soye Lena Carpenter by Lillie Wyatt Andrew Wyatt by Lillie Wyatt Bernice Wyatt by Lillie Wyatt VermaWilson by Lillie Wyatt Keepsake contributions were received in memory of: Mohsen Kalantar by Drs. Sonbol Shahid-Salles & Gregory Harris Cynthia Zelazny by Marcia Moliterno Richard N. Knight, D.O. by Max T. & Marilyn McKinney Dr. Samuel Kurn, D.O. by Dr. Robert & Dana Borenitsch, D.O. Susan Marie Dana by Dr. s Edward & Cheryl Canfield Dr. Al Jacobs, D.O. by Lee Strampel Monsignior Stanley Milrwski by Nancy & Vince Granowicz Roberta Jean Wieting by Shelley & Mike Wieting Lucy Mildred Smth by Shelley & Mike Wieting Dr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Meech by Carol Meech Dr. Eugene R. Sherrod by Joyce Sherrod Sponsorship contributions were received in memory of: Sam Kurn, D.O. by Marilyn Kurn Dr. William F. Terry, D.O. by Gayle Brown-Terry Anita & M.B. Goldberger, D.O. by Lynette & JM Goldberger, D.O. Fritz Emling, D.O. by Dr. Robert & Dana Borenitcsch Robert J. Botz, D.O. & Mattie Botz by Jodi Botz Mr. Fred Joseph by Ronald W. Wadle, D.O. Our Departed Family & Friends by Don & Jo Ann Sefcik Randolphe G. Roulier, DO, FACOS by Judith A. Roulier Matthew Adams by Linda Adams Thanks to these contributors over $2,000.00 were collected to continue support the “Distracted Driving Program” and other philanthropic endeavors of the AMOA.
22 Sep

AMOA Fall Update September 2014

From the President’s Desk

A BIG hello from Kalamazoo! I’ve been doing the happy dance since school started for my boys a of couple weeks ago. Your AMOA Board met over the summer to do some planning and brain-storming. We met again last week to start putting our ideas into practice. As a reminder, all meetings that we have are open to YOU: our members and loyal supporters. Please feel free to come and share your thoughts, concerns or suggestions. I also invite you to travel to beautiful Seattle, WA, with us for the annual AAOA House of Delegates. The actual meeting has been whittled down to one day, but more importantly; join us as we gather with other Advocates from around the country to talk about what makes osteopathic medicine special. Keep reading for more details. I hope to see very you soon! AMOA President, 2014-15


The MSUCOM Student Advocates Association (SAA) will send two representatives, Angela Kalcec and Lauren Suarez, to OMED 2014 in Seattle. We are very grateful to MSUCOM for helping to fund our Student Spouses for this worthwhile trip. In addition, former MSUCOM SAA President and 2012-13 AAOA SAA Liaison, Lauren (Solinski) Stremers has been asked to co-chair the AAOA 2014 Fun Run in Seattle as a last-minute replacement. We are so proud of our SAA members who continue the tradition of Michigan being a strong and active state of the Advocates! The MSUCOM SAA once again plans to have the Student Survival Kits this winter during finals. Please contact Lauren at msucom.saa@gmail.com if you have something to donate OR if you’d like to buy one for your medical student.

Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association Update

The AAOA Annual Business Meeting and House of Delegates will be held in the new location of Seattle, Washington. The AMOA is sending our delegates to represent YOU during this day-long meeting of Advocates from across the country. Have something you’d like to see addressed by the national group? Please let us know by emailing michadvocates@yahoo.com. The 2014 “Fore You” Golf Tournament is being held at the Golf Club at Newcastle with spectacular views over-looking the city of Seattle, on Saturday, October 25th with an 8am shotgun start. There are several female golfers that have asked to be put in a “ladies only” foursome, so if you’re interested, there are still spots open. The “Still Fit for Life” Fun Run/Walk will be held on Monday, October 27th followed by the Family Breakfast. Additionally, AAOA President Deidre Froelich arranged a lunch at the top of the Space Needle followed by a hosted tour of Chihuly Glass & Garden. Whether you can make one or all of these events, the AAOA would love to see you there! Check out the national website at www.advocates4dos.org for more information on all OMED events and activities. If you have interest in serving as a Michigan delegate, please contact us at michadvocates@yahoo.com.

Michigan Driver Safety Showcase

Wednesday, September 24 9am-2pm The AMOA has been invited to bring our Distracted Driving Simulator to this very important event.More than 500 lives have been lost on Michigan roads so far this year, and thousands have been injured, some with catastrophic injuries changing lives forever. To promote driver safety, the Insurance Institute of Michigan (IIM) and the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) are hosting the Michigan Driver Safety Showcase. This showcase will provide information and interactive driver safety activities. This showcase includes:
  • Distracted Driver Simulator
  • Avoiding Deer/Car Accidents
  • Wearing Helmets
  • Teen Safe Driving
  • Defensive Driving
  • Night Driving
  • Safe Driving for Seniors
  • Sharing Road with Bicycles and more
Even one death is too many; accidents can be avoided through increased safety awareness and improved driving practices. In addition, your AMOA representatives have been invited to 2 more Michigan schools to present the simulator. We believe that we are making a difference – even if it’s just one child that we save – it’s worth our efforts.

Tree of Peace

The Advocates have again chosen to celebrate life and family and to honor our friends and loved ones with a Tree of Peace at the MOA Headquarters in Okemos. The AMOA dedicates special keepsake ornaments and a Book of Honor every year. The money raised will support the projects and programs of the Advocates. Please take a moment and fill out the included form if you’d like to participate. Emails and letters will be going out shortly, so be on the lookout.

Making Payments with The Square

As many of you have seen during MOA meetings, the AMOA has been using a little gadget called “The Square” for processing credit card payments. This has allowed us to better track our sales, but we are also able to accept credit cards for those times when our supporters aren’t carrying cash. The better news is that we now have an online location where you can go at anytime to pay your dues using a credit card but also just donate to the Advocates. The AMOA membership form is attached in case you’d like to pay for that online as well. Visit our online store here.


The AOA has scheduled the 2015 event for March 5th in Washington DC. For those of you have participated in the past, you know the importance of making your Representatives and Senators aware of a physician’s situation. For those of you who have not experienced this event, please consider attending the 2015 DO Day on the Hill. The energy and sense of community will inspire you. *If you need more information about this event or future DO Days on Capitol Hill, please email jabushawish@osteopathic.org AMOA email: michadvocates@yahoo.com AMOA website: www.michiganadvocates.org AAOA website: www.advocates4dos.org MOA website: www.mi-osteopathic.org AOA website: www.osteopathic.org

Advocates’ Website

After a short time of being in existence, the old AMOA website succumbed to Russian hackers (no joke), so a new one had to be created. We hired former MSUCOM SAA President, Jensie Simkins, to work her magic and to get us back on the grid. The new website is: www.michiganadvocates.org. Please continue to send your photos or news items to kolinski@comcast.net, so we can share them. If you are looking for a Marketing Pro, Jensie’s new venture: Slanted Communication & Consulting may be just what you’re looking for: www.getslanted.net. You can add networking to the list of assets that the Advocates provide.

2014-2015 MEMBERSHIP

We know you see us at the MOA convention ....the AMOA board members and supporters are always around! If you don’t have time to spend an afternoon at the annual AMOA Business Meeting, we understand. Sitting at a membership booth in the exhibit hall may not be your thing – not a problem! We would love to meet every D.O. spouse or family member in person, but sometimes life gets hectic. What we DO want is to keep you in-the-loop with what is happening in the profession. So please, please fill out the included membership form for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. We don’t want you to miss out on the fun and fellowship that the AMOA offers! Your updated email address is especially important as we do not send out printed newsletters very often.


Thank you for your support! The AMOA raised nearly $3,000.00 this year! During the 2014 MOA Convention, we had a wonderful time meeting people and offering them chances to win several fabulous prizes. The 2014 Convention Raffle Winners:
  • Registration Fee for the 2015 Convention in Dearborn was J.R. Wolfe, D.O.
  • Underwater camera was Kurt Anderson, D.O.
  • Basket of Cheer was Jennifer Magnatta
  • Cooler of Cheer was Larry Prokop
Thank you again for everyone who entered.
27 Aug

2014 Call to Convention

From the President’s Desk:

We are looking forward to our new Detroit location for the Annual Spring Scientific Seminar! We have secured the venues for our pre-convention and installation luncheons at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Detroit Riverfront Hotel. The pre-convention luncheon will be in the Jefferson House. The restaurant is immediately to the right when entering the main front doors. Depending on the weather, we have the option of eating outside. The Installation luncheon, when Pam Kolinski will be installed as our new President will be held on the top floor in the Summit room overlooking Detroit, the river front and Canada. The main Scientific Seminar and our Annual Meeting will be held directly across the street at COBO Hall. Everyone, members and non members are invited to attend our annual meeting. Once you attend, our hope is that you desire to join and become involved with our fantastic group of advocates. We have a variety of fun activities throughout the year that you would love to be a part of! Our primary concern is to be a great support system for our Osteopathic profession through a variety of activities. We have our annual fundraisers; our Raffle at the Spring Scientific Seminar and Tree of Peace. This enables us to provide the Freshman Medical School Class with computer flash drives for a study aid. We also support our profession at the National Seminar and the Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation. Our past fundraisers have allowed us to purchase two Virtual Driving Simulators we use to enlighten the public about the dangers of distracted and impaired driving. We take the simulators to various Health Fairs, high schools and Seminars for anyone attending the function to try. The simulators will also be used by our medical students as they go through their neuro/science rotation. We have received a grant from the National Special Projects Committee that has allowed us to purchase projectors for our simulators. Now we are able to involve the entire room with our presentation. I am very proud of the number of Michigan Advocates who have served as our National Presidents. Michigan is a very active and important state at the National level. At our last National Convention, Ardis Soye and Bill McIntyre were recognized and received the Bridget Price Award for always going “above and beyond” when it comes to serving the needs of others. It is not only my opinion our Michigan Advocates are the greatest, but we’re also being recognized nationally! It has been my great pleasure serving as your president for the past two years and look forward to serving in other capacities in the future as we continue to promote our Osteopathic profession throughout our wonderful state! I am looking forward to seeing you at COBO Hall for our Annual Spring Scientific Seminar, and hopefully at the new beautiful location for the Installation luncheon. Remember you are needed! Dana Borenitsch AMOA President 2012-2014

Ingham and Saginaw County

Ingham and Saginaw Counties while not having formally active Advocate groups at this time do meet informally monthly for lunch. As a result of these gatherings there have been some fun filled spin off activities. So if you live in one of these areas and would like to have your name and email address added to their contact lists please let us know at the AMOA web site.

AMOA Brings Distracted Driving Simulator to Teens

The Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Association have purchased a second driving simulator, One Simple Decision™ (OSD), to educate Michigan teens and young adults about the dangers of distracted driving. In addition, improved monitors and presentation materials are making the rounds of Michigan hospitals, health fairs, conventions, churches and schools. AMOA Past-President, Linda Adams, has been involved in the Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Association for more than 40 years and is inspired by the reception this program has received. “We’ll go anywhere we’re invited,” says Mrs. Adams, “especially for the osteopathic family.” To arrange for a Virtual Driving Simulation at your church, a local school or college or any other organization, contact AMOA President Dana Borenitsch at 989-928-0730 or Linda Adams at 586-615-7504.

“The Doctor is In”

Dana Borenitsch, Marcia Moliterno, J.M. Goldberger, D.O. and Lynette Goldberger shared the message at the "The Doctor is In" 11th Annual SCMS Health Fair March 22. AMOA Distracted Driving program was a hit at the health fair. The AMOA Distracted Driving program will also be featured at the Family Health Fair in Farwell on April 26th from 10 am to 2 pm.

It's Raffle Time Again!

The MOA has again graciously donated one active-member physician registration fee for the 2015 MOA Annual Convention. That is in addition to another “Cooler of Cheer” that has gained notoriety during the annual MOA Convention. It’s a much-desired prize! Raffle tickets are 1 for $20, 3 for $50 and 6 for $100. Since it was well-received last year, we will once again give raffle ticket holders the option of placing their tickets into the running for specific prizes. The winning tickets will be drawn during the Installation Luncheon on Friday, May 16th.

Tree of Peace

We had another successful Tree of Peace over the 2013 holiday season. We raised over $2500 to help support the AMOA programs including the Distracted Driving Simulator. Thank you so much to our supporters! We are forever grateful for your support! The following people were honored: Dr. & Mrs. Archie Attarian Dr. Kenneth S. Bayles, DO Dr. Richard Bayles, DO Dr. Robert & Dana Borenitsch The Byrd Grandchildren Kait & Elwood Goldberger Dr. Michael Harbut, MD Dr. Sam Kurn Dr. Frazer & Joan MacKenzie The Magnatta Family Dr. Charles Mok Dr. Susan & Norm Sevensma All Michigan DO’s All the men and women serving our country The AMOA family The following people were to be held close in our memory: Matthew Adams Norma Anderson Ben & Jordan Bayles Dr. Clarence & Yetta Bayles Dr. Richard J. Bayles Robert J. Botz, DO Mr. Tony Brown Susan Burek, RN Lena Carpenter Ari Connor Dr. Peter E. Georgeson Shirley Harbut Dr. Hans Hilst Dr. Al Jacobs, DO Dorothy C. Jellinghan Mrs. Agnes Moorton Lee Moylen Biaggio Ragazzino Mildred Ragazzino Louis Robbins Alice Robbins Randolphe G. Roulier, DO, FACOS Mildred Smith Connie Sobowlewski Mary Swetech Dr. William F. Terry, DO Verma Wilson Bernice Wyatt Stanley Zelazny All of our deceased family & friends