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Your Professional Family

Our organization was established in 1946 to support and promote osteopathic medicine throughout the great State of Michigan along with the Michigan Osteopathic Association. Over the years, our name has changed many times and our current name, Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Association was adopted in 2005. Throughout all of the changes, however, our mission has remained the same, to support and promote osteopathic medicine in Michigan through community outreach, academic scholarship, and legislative activity. Our membership consists of family members of osteopathic physicians and supporters of the osteopathic profession. There is a comprehensive historical museum of our organization on the campus of MSU-COM. The museum showcases the philanthropic works that the AMOA has achieved over the course of our existence. We look forward to sharing this influential collection with you. We are an affiliate of the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association. For those of you new to the AMOA, welcome. We are glad you have found us, and we look forward to sharing this great organization with you. For those of you who are already familiar with the Advocates, welcome back! We know that you are aware of the exceptional work that this organization has done in the past, and can understand what the AMOA can do in the future. To everyone, the most important part of the AMOA is that we can't do it without you!